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10 / 10
12 Apr 2006

this game is a brill game too play with friends with over 5,000 questions and 1,000 music clips itíll have you in laughter for ages but its a bit slow in some areas but you can see that the makers of the game have worked on the game for a while. although ...

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10 / 10
18 Jan 2006

This game is a great laugh. Its perfect for when your parents are drunk. Just say to them i will play this with you for €5 and put it on new songs and they wont get one. Its perfect its also good to play with your friends. There is new songs, old so...

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10 / 10
04 Jan 2006

this is a good game but there are things i liked and things i didn't like. things i didn't like: not using the buzzer for most of the game, most of the songs are unknown and playing on your own because its just crap. i did like: playing with the buzzers a...

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8 / 10
22 Aug 2006

A fantastic game as long as you have lots of friends around as it can be a bit dull on your own. How well do you really know your friends? They can change quite alot in this hilarious game!

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