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Manufacturers Description
In the past all the best chess engines sacrificed speed of response for sophistication and variety of play. Chess Challenger PS2 has the Strongest Chess Engine currently available on a games console, incorporating extremely fast analysis and decision algorithms that provide high quality, lively, challenging and mature opposition to players.

Difficulty Levels are crafted to provide challenging and satisfying play at all levels of ability, from Novice to Grand Master.
Step-Back function allows players to navigate backwards through their moves to the beginning of a particular game. This function is invaluable for both the Novice that is just setting out in the exciting world of chess, and the Experienced player that wants a research and analysis tool.
When player has selected a piece, the legal moves available to that piece are displayed on the screen.

One Player Vs. Computer or Two Player options
Time Limit Games - Play different types of timed games
Choice of Black or White piece start
Checking for repeating End-Game Patterns to avoid never ending game scenarios.
Fully rendered board and pieces are the perfect visual companion to this full-featured chess game.

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