Magical Quest Starring Mickey and Minnie (GBA)

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Disney's Magical Quest: Starring Mickey & Minnie GBA (English)
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Manufacturers Description
The Super NES classic is bigger and better than ever, thanks to gorgeous new graphics, new minigames for one or two players and great links to the Nintendo GameCube. Best of all, you can now play as Minnie as well as Mickey! When Pluto goes missing during a game of catch, it's up to Mickey and Minnie to search throughout the kingdom of the evil Emperor Pete to find him. All sorts of enemies will try to thwart the heroic mice, but Disney's stars are up to the challenge in this action-packed side-scroller. The game features six stages of thrilling action range from caverns deep beneath the earth to sky-scraping mountains. There is much jumping, riding floating platforms and other traditional mouse methods, but sometimes those aren't enough. Fortunately, the ever-resourceful Mickey and Minnie can master special powers in order to rescue the abducted pup. When Mickey or Minnie dons special gear, they gain the abilities of a firefighter, mountain climber or magician.

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