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Miami Vice reviews and ratings (PSP) by GamesTracker users.
Overall GT Rating: 62.23%
Overall GT Rank: #3052 (View Overall Rankings)
PSP Rank: #209 (View PSP Rankings)
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PRO Reviews

9 / 10
20 Aug 2006

The game focuses on the dangerous lives of two veteran undercove narcotics officers: Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs. Whichever characters u choose, u can team up with another person and do a WLAN bout against ur enemies.The game involves infiltrating un...

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Mini Reviews

7 / 10
02 Aug 2006

ok this was a fun game and the story line was easy to follow the the way that you aimed kind of makes me angry but that was one of the only things realy. So you start the game at a masion and you have to kill all the bad guys and get to freddy on this ba...

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7 / 10
23 Jul 2006

The film is great and so is the game .With great graphics and gameplay this game tops quite alot in the cgharts and as you read some of the reviews on this game they will say the gam. The games sound is good and it fits in well with the action going on ar...

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10 / 10
23 Jul 2006

Miami Vice takes you to the 1980's in a time were drugs are everywhere you are taken deep undercover as narcotics officers Sonny Crockett and your side kick Ricardo Tubbs. The basic aim of this game is to find and bring down the South American ...

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