do you need an hdtv to play this or will it work on a normal old one?

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Topic created by: jonski on 30 Apr 2008 at 03:32
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Post: #1-30 Apr 2008 03:32
It all started with a little kiss
Now it hurts when i take a p1ss

Post: #2-30 Apr 2008 05:57
Jonski in da houuuuuuse! (yah, I'm stuck in time) anyway it'll play through anything you've got your 360' or PS3 plugged into.
Though it might be a good time to consider a plasmatics
smash & grab. & a surround sound too.

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Post: #3-30 Apr 2008 11:44
kool, cheers, anyone with a ps3 copy know which settings to play it on as my flatmate is having problems, it works fine on the 360 but on the s3 it says it wont run on the current display settings yet weve tried them all and i doesnt work (much to my delight coz it means more gta 4 me mwahaha)
It all started with a little kiss
Now it hurts when i take a p1ss

Post: #4-05 May 2008 21:42
try messing around with the ps3 display settings
or maybe its set as a widescreen instead of a 4:3 or visa versa
just a guess?
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Post: #7-06 May 2008 16:25
PS3 version of the game runs at a lower res than the 360 version, the 360 version runs at 720, and the PS3 runs at 640, but the PS3 version apparently has advanced lighting

anyhow, my PS3 is set to run at 1080i only sooo i know mines being upscaled but it still looks amazing
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